Heavy duty plastic seal 25/35/50/58cm

Plastic seals

Self lock heavy duty plastic seal, 3.5mm diameter,pull tight

Y-017 / Y-018 / Y-019 / Y-020


Y-017:Production size: total length 250mm and tape diameter 3.5 mm

Y-018:Production size: total length 350mm and tape diameter 3.5 mm

Y-019:Production size: total length 500mm and tape diameter 3.5mm

Y-020:Production size: total length 580mm and tape diameter 3.5mm


Polypropylene & Metal clips


Laser print/Hot stamp customized name & logo, serial numbers , barcode


Red / Orange/ Yellow / Green / Blue / White, etc


Y-017:1,000pcs/Carton; Carton Dimension: 51 x 29.5 x 20cm
Y-018:1,000pcs/Carton; Carton Dimension: 55 x 36 x 24cm
Y-019:1,000pcs/Carton; Carton Dimension: 55 x 36 x 30cm

Y-020:1,000pcs/Carton; Carton Dimension: 76 x 33 x 28cm


Airline food / duty free trolleys, Courier bags, Cash bags / ATM Cassettes, Hospitals / clinic waste bags, Coil boxes, Postal and Mail order bags, Inland transportation

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