Tear off plastic seal- Model Y-016

Plastic seals


The seal is a versatile pull-tight seal manufactured from Polypropylene materials. The material will withstand freezing and boiling conditions, whilst the polypropylene body is flexible for easy use. The design includes rolled heat staking technology to secure the insert to the body, which provides clear evidence of tampering if forced open or cut. There is also a tear off tag for easy removal, making this a very user friendly seal suitable for most applications. Available in other length: 360mm(Y-043)


Polypropylene & Metal clips

Product size

Total length 236mm and tape diameter 2.0 mm


Laser print/Hot stamp/ Thermal print customized name & logo, serial numbers , barcode


Red / Orange/ Yellow / Green / Blue / White, etc


1,000pcs/Carton; Carton Dimension: 40 x 25 x 12cm; G.W.: 2.6kgs


Airline food / duty free trolleys, Courier bags, Cash bags / ATM Cassettes, Hospitals / clinic waste bags, Coil boxes, Postal and Mail order bags, Inland transportation


 • Easy to use and high resistance seal. 

 • The tear-off can be used for remove the seal without use any tool 

 • Small trap diameter 2.0mm is suitable for applicationswith small sealing apertures. 

 • Smooth strap is more user friendly than conventional strap designs